Here among the streets;
static noise of moving lines,
isolated, locked in time

Along the crowded streets;
faces unknown, pass me by
Filtered signals in the noise
reveal what paper masks disguise

Some have all and some have nothing
Some find themselves losing everything
Some are lost and never found

Some will lead and some will follow
Some only answer to themselves
Some need truth, some need lies

Some will create, some destroy
Some will be healed, some will be torn apart
though few will ever know why

Some will be loved and some alone
Some will hold on to what some let go;
the hurt that makes them feel alive,
events by which they are defined

Some accept and some deny
Some would believe but still doubt everything

Some will live and some will die
fighting over reasons why

Every voice part of the sound
The noise that doesn't cease
Signals resonate in time
Over again, the waters rise and then subside
sending waves around the world
Still waters
Open skies

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