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The new VNV Nation album, "Transnational", was released in Europe on Oct 11th and digitally in North America on Oct 15th (physical release on Nov 19th). The incredible news is that the album reached #9 in the German Album Charts and hit #1 in the German Alternative Charts. It has charted high in other countries and hit #1 on a number of alternative charts which is an amazing result. We feel very honoured by the response and want to thank all of those who helped the album achieve this result.

The world tour started in October and, in the spirit of the album's title, will travel as far and wide as possible, through to late 2014. We've already completed most of the Western European Tour. Many more tour dates are online now on the LIVE page, with more being added in the coming months. More information about the album can be found HERE

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We've just released the long awaited "Crossing the Divide EP" on our Soundcloud page. The EP contains remixes of tracks from the album "Of Faith, Power and Glory" by artists like Rotersand, Reaper, Daniel Myer and AFI"s Jade Puget. You can get the EP for free HERE



VNV Nation's Album "AUTOMATIC" was released on September 16th, 2011 and entered the official German Top 100 Album Charts at #8. It also entered at #9 in the German CD Album Sales Chart. It hit #1 on iTunes Canada, #3 on Musicload in German, #7 on Amazon Germany and we're still waiting for info about how high it got on iTunes Germany but apparently, it was pretty good too. This is incredible news. It is an album that exceeded our ambitions in every sense and we're more than proud of the album. We would even dare to say that it's our favourite so far, though comments like this are heresy for some :)

To celebrate the release, we are giving away a free track called "Control" from the album, which you can download or share on your own site or FB page (click on the title of the track below to go to our soundcloud page). There is also an album preview that you can play here or download or share.

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July 2011 - we've completed a remix of Within Temptation's single "Sinêad". The band loved it so much that their singer Sharon recorded a special vocal, to be added to it, and the band also asked for a special radio version. That's the first time that's happened and, as you can imagine, that's an incredible compliment. Das Bunker, the club in LA with the grammatically incorrect name and exceptional taste in music, is releasing a tribute to the 80s compilation where a ton of scene artists attempted to re-create, re-interpret, humiliate and pay ironic tribute to classics from the decade of shoulder pads and frosted highlights. Modcom (Ronan's side project) has a cover version on there of the 80s HiNRG classic "Native Love" with Claus Larsen from Leatherstrip supplying the vocals. If you liked Modcom's remix of Chrome, you haven't heard anything yet. A remix of Rotersand's "Merging Oceans" is also in the works for their re-release.



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If you want to know what equipment VNV Nation use in their studio, there's an up to date list HERE



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